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22 year, financial innovation, trust, stability and dedication to the clients!



1996 – International Private Bank AD Skopje started to operate as the first bank with foreign capital in the banking sector, laying the foundations for transformation of the banking industry in Macedonia.


2000 – International Private Bank AD Skopje was the first bank that placed debit and charge cards on the market, as well as revolving loans, instant cash loans, business packages and POS network, as well as services for legal entities in the field of lending, payment operations and issuance of guarantees.


2007 - International Private Bank AD Skopje became a part of Alfa Finance Holding, leading industrial and financial group in the Republic of Bulgaria, with four main business segments: industrial minerals, financial services, real estate and renewable energy, and it was renamed Capital Bank. The holding is actively involved in projects in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe – Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. Ever since then, it promotes a new structure, an innovative approach, management and operating strategy.


2008 – Capital Bank AD Skopje opened its second branch in Strumica.


2010 – In order to offer its clients new improved products and services, additional benefits and immediate contact, following the European trends for modern banking, Capital Bank moved to the new expanded premises in TC Soravia.


2011- In order to meet the requirements of our clients, Capital Bank in the first half of 2011 expanded its existing network of branches, a new branch was open in the settlement Aerodrom. The branch Aerodrom is made and open according to the highest European standards, offering direct and immediate approach to clients.In the second half of 2011, two counters were open in Skopje, within the Auto-Moto Union of Macedonia (AMSM) in Chair and in Kapishtec.


2012 – The beginning of the year was marked with the opening of the branch in Tetovo and placement of ATM, while in September a counter was open in the premises of the University for Tourism and Management.


2016 – The headquarters of Capital Bank and the branch office Soravia were relocated to new premises on the Macedonia Square.


2018 - Capital Bank opened branches in the Skopje settlements Gorce Petrov and Kisela Voda.


Str.Nikola Kljusev no. 1, 1000 Skopje


+389 02/3102-500; +389 02/3102 510

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