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Treasury bills

Treasury bills are short-term securities, risk-free financial instrument whose payment is guaranteed by the country.

Capital Bank AD Skopje trades with treasury bills, on behalf and on the account of the clients. All national and foreign individual persons and legal entities can be buyers.

The treasury bills are sold by means of an auction, where the banks of the Republic of Macedonia are direct participants. Interested persons realize indirect participation in the auction by means of delivery of offers through the banks in the Republic of Macedonia, on prescribed forms.

The nominal value of a treasury bill is 10.000 denars. The maturity term of the treasury bills is three months. They are issued in denars, in dematerialized form, for the purpose of which the Central Depository of Securities issues a certificate of ownership to the holders of treasury bills. The treasury bills are charged according to the nominal value, and they are paid according to the discounted value.

The interest rate is determined on the basis of the market, depending on the supply and the demand.

Before the issuance of the treasury bills, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia publishes a six-month calendar of auctions. The calendar determines the dates when each auction takes place, and the amount of each auction is published 4 (four) working days before the day when the auction takes place in a leaflet for action of treasury bills.

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