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Transaction account

Transaction account is an account through which the operation between two business partners is systematically monitored, one of which is the bank, and the other is its client.

The right to open a transaction account belongs to all adult Macedonian citizens, as well as individual persons who are foreign nationals, who realize income from regular employment, pension, disability insurance, or on other basis, who in accordance with the legal regulations, are treated as a resident or have an identification card for a foreigner issued by Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia.

By opening a transaction account in Capital Bank AD Skopje, we guarantee security and confidentiality of your data.

You can use the funds of this account at any time through the following instruments:


  • Signatory card – for performing cash and non-cash transactions;
  • Debit card – the clients can dispose of funds at their transaction account; at any moment through a debit card of the brand Maestro;
  • Through the service electronic banking;
  • Through a standing order.


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