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Dominant owner in the total shareholder structure is Alfa Financе Holding, the group that owns 98.43% of the shares ( Wool Combined Collective “Todor Cipovski - Merdzan” Tetex joint stock company owns 1.09% of the shares, while ТТК Bank AD participates with 0.48% of the total value of shares.

Becoming a part of Alfa Finance Holding, leading group from the Republic of Bulgaria, active in the field of financial services and sources of clean and renewable energy, spread all over Southeast Europe, since 2007 to present day Capital Bank promotes a completely modified innovative approach, new structure, management and operating strategy.

The holding is involved in many projects throughout Bulgaria and Southeast Europe (Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine).



Str.Nikola Kljusev no. 1, 1000 Skopje


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