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Deposit with anticipative payment of interest

If you decided to save, then you’ve made the right decision to plan your future.

Choose a savings deposit with an anticipative payment of interest.


Capital Bank AD Skopje provides you to open a term deposit in MKD, EUR and USD, thereby the agreed interest will be paid in advance (at the moment of opening the term deposit).

Additional input of funds is not allowed.
In an event when early termination of the term deposit is required, a policy of penalty interest is applied, whereby the savings deposit is paid reduced for the early paid interest.

All individual persons, residents and non-residents can be depositors. It is enough to only visit the nearest branch or counter of Capital Bank and with an identification document you can get information about all your benefits in regard to opening a term deposit in Capital Bank.

The savings deposits in Capital Bank AD Skopje are insured!

The fund indemnifies the insured deposits, however not more than the denar countervalue of 30.000 Euros per deposit in a bank, branch of a foreign bank or a savings bank calculated according to the average rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia on the day of decision.
The indemnification of denar and foreign currency deposits is performed only in denars.

For all additional information, contact the nearest branch of Capital Bank AD Skopje or contact us on the following telephone number: + 389 2 3102 508; 3102 563 or by e-mail: 




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