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Credit card

Capital Bank AD Skopje provides an opportunity to own a card which is perfectly designed according to your finances and the lifestyle needs while you purchase, travel … everywhere where necessary.

Use the numerous opportunities offered by the payment cards of Capital Bank AD Skopje.

Allow flexibility, convenience and freedom in the use of cards in the country and abroad.

Use your funds economically, simply and reliably.

Use the credit cards of Capital Bank AD Skopje of the brand MasterCard.

The Bank issues two types of credit cards with a revolving loan: Standard and Gold.

The interest rate is in accordance with the official list of tariffs.

How does the credit card function?

With the use of the card you borrow money to spend from the bank, you will make the spending now, and you will repay the borrowed amount in the future. At the end of the month you get an excerpt, which shows the total amount you own and the minimum amount that you should pay. If you pay the minimum amount, the interest will be calculated for the remaining part of the debt. The payment can be performed directly on the counter of Capital Bank Ad Skopje or in any other bank or post office with a money order – form PP10.

Afford yourself a careless travel, providing yourself flexibility, convenience and freedom in the use of cards in the country and abroad, and simultaneously make the travels during the entire year economical, secure and unforgettable.

  • With the credit card you are free from the obligation to take cash with you;
  • A possibility to use the card in order to monitor and adjust your monthly spending, with a simple monitoring of your monthly excerpts;
  • The card can be used in order to cover short-term costs until the next regular income;
  • For purchase in trade without commission;
  • This is an international card;
  • With protective chip technology;
  • You get a grace period of 45 days.

The withdrawal of funds with MasterCard cards at ATMs of UNI Bank has the same cost as for the ATMs of Capital Bank, ie 2% + 90 MKD.

Taking care of the environment, Capital Bank takes measures for protection of nature and the environment.

Be a part as well! Get your excerpt in the e-mail box.

User of the credit card can be any adult who is regularly employed.

Required documents to get a credit card:

  • Copy of personal documents of the card applicant and the guarantors;
  • Card loan application;
  • Administrative ban on salary of the borrower and the guarantors;
  • Certified salary information;
  • Statement on connection and credit indebtedness;
  • Bill of exchange with a bill of exchange statement.

You can use the card on all terminals with the indication Master Card in this country and throughout the world, for payment in trade, cash withdrawal, cash withdrawal from ATMs, and in accordance with the approved limit on the card.

For all additional information, contact the nearest branch of Capital Bank AD Skopje or contact us on the following telephone number: + 389 2 3102 563; 3102 568 or by e-mail:



Short tips for responsible use of the credit card:

  • You can always return more than the minimum amount for payment, with this procedure you will reduce the time required for repayment of the debt for the credit card, and at the same time you will save by paying a lower interest;
  • Do not be late with the repayment, in order to avoid additional charges and default interest;
  • Use the benefit of the cards with a grace period.

In case you lose your credit card, you should IMMEDIATELLY block it in the nearest branch office of Capital Bank AD Skopje or call the following telephone number 02 3102 564 from 08.00 to 16.00 o’clock – during the working hours of the bank or call the 24/7 available call center on the following telephone number 02 3293 888.



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