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International Payment Operations

International payment operations imply a transfer of funds from the principal to the user, who may be an individual person or a legal entity, and they are residents of different countries. The payment operations are performed in accordance with the regulations of each country individually in accordance with accepted international standards which arrange the economic relations in foreign countries.


All participants in the international payment operations should have a foreign currency transaction account in Capital Bank AD Skopje.


The payment operations are performed through the current accounts in foreign currency of the authorized banks abroad and in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as through the accounts in a foreign currency or in denars of the foreign banks and other non-residents of the Republic of Macedonia in a manner which is regulated by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia and the Law on Foreign Currency Operations.

Required information for sending funds abroad with a remittance – nostro remittances:


  • Name and surname of the person or title of the company – user of the payment;
  • Accurate address;
  • Number of the account or IBAN number (which applies for most Western European countries);
  • Number of the branch i.e. Sort Code, ABA number or BLZ (if possible);
  • SWIFT Code of the bank (the code is compulsory);
  • Document (in accordance with the instructions for performance of international payment operations);
  • Signed forms 1450.


Required information for receiving funds from foreign countries – loro remittances:


  • Name and surname or title of the company – user of the payment;
  • Address;
  • Account number or IBAN number (available at all Bank counters);
  • The name of our bank CAPITAL BANK AD SKOPJE;
  • Bank address Nikola Kljusev str.,No 1, 1000 Skopje, Republic od North Macedonia;
  • Our SWIFT code is KAPBMK22.


The Bank notifies the client – resident about the performed payment from a non-resident not later than the following day from the receipt of the coverage, and the user of the payment – the resident is obliged to deliver to the bank all required information for approval of the inflow not later than five working days from the receipt of the notification. The Bank approves the current account of the client not later than the next day after the receipt of the information.


The Bank acts on an accepted order on performance of payments abroad with a date of currency not later than the third working day from the day of acceptance of the order, otherwise the bank notifies the principal about the non-acceptance of the order not later than the day after the day of submission of the order.


All collections and payments from abroad are subject to specific foreign currency regime and appropriate legal regulations.


The user of the payment – resident, that is, the principal – resident are held responsible about the truthfulness of the data and the authenticity of the submitted documentation.

Rules for getting cash:


  • The legal entity that received income from abroad gets a notification from Capital Bank about the arrived inflow and within five working days is obliged to notify the bank about the arrangement of the inflow. If the Bank does not get an information from the client – the legal entity about the basis of the inflow, the Bank allocates the funds to a separate account;
  • The client – legal entity can use the funds from the inflow for payments abroad, for business trips or to offer them to a foreign exchange market and to get funds in denar counter-value;
  • Stipulated form for processing of foreign currency inflow 746.


Rules for international payments:


  • The legal entities should compulsorily provide a coverage for making an international remittance (payment abroad). The coverage can be from funds that arrived from a foreign currency inflow, purchased assets on a foreign currency market or foreign currency loan;
  • The legal entity is obliged to deliver a document to the bank about the basis for performance of the payment (invoice, agreement, etc.);
  • Signed and printed form 1450.


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