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SUPER consumer loan in the amount of 900,000 MKD 

Target group:

  • Residents of the Republic of Macedonia, full-time employment employed in:

      - Institutions financed by the Budget;
      - unions and firms with which the bank has established cooperation..


  • Non-purpose consumer loan;

General Terms of Application:

  • Maximum age of the client is 67 years on the maturity date of the loan;
  • The client should be classified into risk category A in the Bank and risk categories A and B at the level of the banking system;
  • History of a regular borrower;
  • The annuity does not exceed ½ of the salary.

Loan amount in MKD: Up to 900,000;


Repayment period: Up to 95 months;


Nominal interest rate: Fixed for the first year 5,77%, variable for the remaind period, currently at 7,77% (6M SKIBOR + 6,01%);


Grace period *: Up to 10 months

* A grace period is foreseen only in the case of refinancing a loan in another bank.


Fee for approval: 1,77%, min. 750 MKD;


Use of funds: The approved amount is transferred to the account of the borrower in Kapital Bank AD Skopje;


Repayment: Monthly repayment with equal annuities ;

If a grace period is used, during the grace period, the monthly obligation consists of interest, and then follows monthly repayment with equal annuities. 


Manner of repayment: Cash payment, administrative ban on salary or standing order for recipients on the account in Kapital Bank;


Possibility for early repayment: Yes; 


Fee for early partial or full loan repayment:1% of prematurely paid loan appears if the period between the prematurely payment and the validity of the loan contract exceeds one year, that is 0.50% of the amount of prematurely paid loan, if the period between the prematurely payment and the validity of the loan contract does not exceed one year, maximum MKD 5.000 and 0% if it is being paid through Capital Bank.


Rearranging the terms Prolongation (not to exceed 95 months), change of borrower or guarantor, loan restructuring).


Total Cost Rate (TCR): 7.99% -The calculation is made for the amount of 900.000 MKD, the interest rate is 5.77% fixed for the first year, then variable, currently it stands at 7.77%, period 95 months and one-off fee 1.77% of the amount.



Acceptable security after the Bank's credit analysis: 

  • bill of exchange and bill of exchange statement;
  • bill of exchange in the form of a notarial act with a capacity of execution;
  • guarantor;
  • solemnization of the loan agreement with an executive clause.

* The Bank reserves the right to request additional security.

Necessary documentation:

  • Copy of the ID card of the loan applicant and the guarantor (if any);
  • Verified salary data for the loan applicant or the guarantor (if any);
  • Administrative ban on salary or standing order for legal entities that do not certify administrative bans on salary (it is obligatory for the client to receive salary on an account in Kapital Bank);
  • Confirmed membership certificate in the Trade Union with which the Bank cooperates.



  • Completely and orderly completed forms – application/loan application;
  • All other documents indicated by the loan clerk;
  • In an event of an approval a Loan Agreement is concluded, whereby the borrower signs the required documentation;
  • Processing of an application depending on the completion of the entire required documentation.


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