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Standing order

Standing order is a contractual relationship between the owner of the account and the bank, according to which the owner of the account authorizes the bank on his behalf and from his account to perform regular payments in equal or different amounts in accordance with the agreed conditions for payment of regular costs to perform transfer of funds to another transaction account, denar savings account in the bank, as well as payment of loans issued by the bank.

The standing order is an extremely useful product whose use provides:

  • Saving time – with payment through a standing order you do not have to waste time to wait in a line in the places for payment;
  • Saving money – the transfer of funds from a transaction account to any other account in the bank is performed without a compensation.


By using a standing order, you do not have to remember the maturity date and to rush with the payment, because the money are automatically transferred on that day from your account, and you are never late with the payment, and in this manner you avoid the payment of default interest.

Capital Bank AD Skopje offers an opportunity to its clients to pay their obligations through a standing order.

Everything that you are supposed to do is to visit the nearest branch or counter of the bank where our employees will inform you about the way to activate your standing order.

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