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Loan in association with the driving school Auto-Moto Union of Macedonia

Use of the product:

  • For training on operation with vehicles in the Auto-Moto Union of Macedonia.

Approval requirements:

  • Residents of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • With a regular employment at least another 1 year, before retirement (if the employment is established for a definite period of time, it should compulsorily cover the time period for which the loan was approved – 6 months);
  • Creditworthiness determined through an analysis of the bank;
  • History of a regular borrower in the past 12 months.

Benefits and advantages:

  • 0,00% interest;
  • Payment in 24 hours after completion of the documentation in the Bank.



Loan amount: up to 25.000 MKD;


Nominal interest rate: 0,00%;


Repayment period: 6 months;


Calculation method: proportional;


Repayment: to the account of the Seller;


Manner of repayment: equal monthly installments;


Fees and compensations: 2,00%-processing fee.


Total cost rate: 8,43%.The calculation is performed for an amount of 19.710 denars, an interest rate of 0,00%, a period of 6 months and one-off fee of 2% of the amount (The amount of the total cost rate is affected by the period of loan repayment, the amount of the loan, the amount of costs for the loan included in the calculation of the total cost rate and the amount of the nominal interest rate.).



  • Bill of exchange and bill of exchange statement;
  • Administrative ban on salary/Statement on retention from salary from the borrower.


  • Copy of identification card of the borrower;
  • Administrative ban on salary/Statement on retention from salary from the borrower;
  • Certified data by the legal entity - for employees in private companies;
  • Pro-forma invoice.


  • After completing a loan application in the premises of the Bank or in the premises of the Seller, the Client will get more detailed information about the lending conditions and the procedures of the Bank for assessment of credit risk;
  • In an event of an approval, a Loan Agreement is concluded, whereby the client completes the entire remaining documentation;
  • Processing of the application up to 2-3 working days.

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