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Capital Bank AD Skopje started to offer the service Renting of Safe Deposit Boxes.

We provided conditions for secure storage of your personal items, personal documents, value documents, jewelry and items that are particularly important for you.

At the same time we provide an opportunity to authorize your loved ones to use the safe deposit box without additional costs.

You are not allowed to store the following in the safe deposit box: explosive, flammable, polluting substances and acids that can harm the issued safe or the room where the safe deposit boxes are positioned.

As a response to its continuous monitoring of the clients’ needs, the Bank provides the use of safe deposit boxes with different sizes:

Small safe deposit box: 6*24*35cm and 8*24*35cm
Middle safe deposit box: 13*24*35cm
Large safe deposit box: 21*24*35cm

The service is available for use every day (Monday-Friday) from 8 to 16h in the branch Centar on the street “Nikola Kljusev” no.1, Skopje.

The Bank guarantees secrecy and discretion when the safe deposit boxes are being used.

We expect you to visit us.


Str.Nikola Kljusev no. 1, 1000 Skopje


+389 02/3102-500; +389 02/3102 510

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